Think Holistic, Act Personal

I came across a very interesting web site today about a book and a concept being referred to as “Think Holistic, Act Personal.” Author Luis Gallardo, who serves as the Managing Director of Global Brand & Marketing at Deloitte, believes that the old marketing adage, “Think Global, Act Local,” is ineffective and that companies should instead adopt a new motto: “Think Holistic, Act Personal.” In other words, it’s not just about understanding the big picture anymore, but the full picture.

From the web site, Gallardo states:

From my point of view, up to now, “Think Global, Act Local” has only scratched the surface of this tremendously complex issue. What we need now is a 360-degree view of how we can best prepare businesses for sustained, long-term profitable growth … as brand, marketing and communications professionals, we need to understand and manage the interlocking elements that shape reputations, in order to create high-performance brands. Reason, revenue, relationships, reputation, rouser, and resilience are key drivers too that have to be understood in a holistic way.

Essentially, his theory proposes a new paradigm for marketing that focuses on the planning, creation and measurement of value for a business, whereby the company’s value is not only viewed  as a given, but that its ability to have employees and stakeholders understand and communicate that value are a prerequisite for sustainable success. Gallardo mentions that the four “Ps” of marketing (product, price, place and promotion) no longer apply and should be replaced by the six “Rs.”  Below is a video that further expands on this concept:

So what does it actually mean to think holistic,  and act personal? In Gallardo’s experience, it’s about connecting people to his company’s business strategy, brand message, and values so that everyone can take part in understanding the full picture and then communicating those objectives on a more personal level that engages stakeholders. From a September article in Marketing News, Gallardo states:

Understanding the values, understanding why we’re in business, having our employees understand that is very important. We use training and development in many ways. Part of that training is technical, but part of that training is focused on how to build relationships at the top level, how to understand why people make decisions, how to strengthen relationships. It’s about understanding the brand, what we stand for. Then we try to engage as much as we can at the local level, the office level, at the national level and at the global level.

From the perspective of managing the brand of a company with approximately 170,000 employees in 150 countries, Gallardo believes that marketing must transcend the limits of thinking global since “global” can mean something different from one county to the next. By thinking holistically and engaging  employees within an organization, employees can “act personally” to communicate a brand’s value in more ways that just a centralized marketing department’s efforts alone.


  1. Wow! Great article Tiffany. I love the concept of the 5 R’s. It makes so much more sense in today’s business environment where there is a strong push for companies to take responsibility for preserving the planet, serving society, and striving for sustainability all while remaining profitable.

  2. Thanks Tiffany! This is a great concept. Before I entered the business world I was a music therapist. I kept a holistic approach when working with clients. It’s reassuring to see such an approach gaining merit.

    • Hi Ryan – That is very cool that you were a music therapist. I bet that your experience helped to bring a completely different level of understanding to the business world for you. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks Tiffany! What a refreshing and practical way to look at business in today’s marketplace. I love this approach because it touches more on the importance of people and relationships. Great article and video!

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