Millennial Marketing Perspectives with Chelsea Hejny

Earlier this week I interviewed Chelsea Hejny, who is a business student majoring in marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno. She currently serves as the student chapter president for the American Marketing Association, and in 2011, she was part of the competition team that won third place for their integrated marketing communications plan to Nintendo at the AMA’s National Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, LA.

In addition to her scholarly responsibilities, Chelsea also works for Shortstack, which is a Reno-based technology company that developed the popular social media application ShortStack, that is now used by over 100,000 users in 184 countries around the world. The application allows businesses to interact with their customers, attract new clients, and build brand loyalty on social media sites without any of the coding hassle or web design work associated with custom social media design.

In my interview with Chelsea, we talk about what she has learned from participating in the Integrated Marketing Communications competition class at UNR, what small businesses need to know about social media in order to assist with their growth, and what her thoughts are about marketing in general as she prepares to graduate this May.

A couple of things she said in the video that stood out to me include the emphasis and importance of marketing research, the fact that social media has transformed the way people now think about marketing, and the need for transparency. Certainly, a lot has changed since I was an undergraduate, which was long before social media was even around!

From the time I first met Chelsea, I could sense she had a strong appetite for business and a passion for marketing. It will be exciting to see where her career takes her in the coming years.

Now it’s your turn: if you could give Chelsea any one piece of advice about marketing what would that be? Or, what is the single best piece of business advice you have ever received? Tell us!


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