Social Media Savvy with The Abbi Agency

Constance Aguilar and Nicole Rose Dion are social media specialists at The Abbi Agency in Reno, Nevada. I recently sat down with them to discuss what elements make up a strong social media campaign and how they work with clients to create and execute social media strategies. In particular, they talk about the social media campaign “Dessert of the Day” that they put together for Donsuemor, a company that produces French cookies and cakes:

In addition to serving clients, Constance maintains a personal blog, and her work has been featured in such publications as SmartBrief, The CMO Site, Mashable, Social Media Today, and PRDaily. Meanwhile, Nicole is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in Journalism with a double emphasis in Advertising and Public Relations and is set to graduate this May. She too maintains a personal blog. Together the two make up a dynamic and energetic team who are well-positioned to create and execute multi-faceted and integrated social media campaigns for the variety of clients they serve.

About The Abbi Agency

The Abbi Agency offers creative marketing and public relations strategies that are customized to target today’s wide variety of social and traditional media networks. The company is made up of a small group of experienced individuals who understand how to move the needle –whether it’s increasing sales, re-positioning a company or helping organizations build relationships with their communities through corporate social responsibility programs and outreach. More information is available at

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