An Interview with Meg Urie, Owner of SmallPond Studio

SmallPond Studio is an award-winning, Truckee, CA-based graphic design and web development agency that serves clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to public agencies and local non-profits. While they offer a full spectrum of graphic and web design services, they place a special emphasis on logo/identity creation and custom website and content management system (CMS) development.

In the below video, owner Meg Urie discusses what she likes best about working with her clients, why a CMS platform is important, and why marketing messaging should always inform graphic design. She also expands on the concept of their approach to design known as  “Marketing Arts,” which is the integration of a well-defined marketing strategy, creative design, quality production, and the timely execution of these elements.

According to Meg, a well-defined brand is the cornerstone of an effective and consistent marketing strategy. As owner of SmallPond, Meg acts as creative director and project manager for all major accounts. Meg also serves as designer, illustrator, and copywriter on many of the firm’s projects:

To learn more about SmallPond Studio’s work, please visit their web site to view their impressive portfolio of web site, logo, and print projects.

About Meg Urie:

Meg began her career in corporate identity as Brand Development Manager at San Francisco-based, bath and body company, Essentiel Elements. In 2000, Meg co-founded and served as Director of Marketing for Gamet Technology, a casino software company in Reno, NV. Following her venture into the world of online technology, Meg served as Director of Marketing for several locally owned businesses, and in early 2005, she left the corporate world to start SmallPond Studio. Meg holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University.

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