A Marketing Recap of Mass Proportions

As the end of another semester draws to a close, I thought now would be an opportune time to take a look back at some of my favorite posts from the past six months. Below is a recap, organized into the categories of the different types of posts I have written.

MOST POPULAR: Based on total number of all-time views, below is a sampling of what have been some of my most popular posts. The ‘Why I Love Reno’ campaign seemed to strike a particular chord with the locals, while others relate more to conceptual ideas and general marketing advice.

INTERESTING AND INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE: Through interacting with various marketing geniuses in the social realm, namely on Twitter, I’ve either come across or increased my knowledge about the following very impressive and interesting individuals. In these posts I cover local Reno-Tahoe marketer Brian Williams and his global marketing efforts with his non-profit Think Kindness, to a comedy club owner in New Orleans, and marketing agency owners like Park Howell and Shama Kabani.

AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION LUNCHEONS: As membership director for the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association, we have hosted a variety of engaging speakers. Below are some of the insights I’ve picked up from attending our monthly educational luncheons. The topics presented here range from small business marketing strategy and regional tourism marketing strategy, to how to create and measure value for your organization.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: As part of my graduate course requirements, I’ve conducted a variety of interviews with various marketing professionals. While the learning curve for utilizing video has not always been fun, the conversations have always been very worthwhile. The below videos include interviews with social media specialists, a marketing agency owner, and a University of Nevada, Reno marketing professor, to name a few.

REALLY COOL RESEARCH: Whether it be coming across articles through my Google RSS feed, Google + feed, or Twitter stream, I always seem to be finding all sorts of very interesting research. In these posts I talk about everything from Deloitte’s approach to global marketing strategy and Ken Wilbur’s concept of integral business, to research that involves thinking about “brands as patterns” and the question of whether or not your brand is evolving.

CASE STUDIES: Below are a few examples of companies I’ve learned more about or have interacted with, and how they are excelling at marketing. The posts range from examples of how local non-profits are effectively marketing their organizations, to how companies like Apple and Zappos are handling their strategic marketing efforts.

GENERAL MARKETING VIDEOS: Thanks to YouTube, I have happened upon some interesting marketing research through video. The below blog posts feature such content as the results of the annual IBM CMO study, the founder of CRM of talking about the concept of Social CRM, and Seth Godin on the fundamental changes taking place in marketing industry.

MARKETING INSIGHTS: Throughout my blogging experience, I have come across many interesting trends and concepts. Below are a few of those ideas that I’ve explored, ranging from the concepts of how the marketing industry is changing, to green marketing, to influence marketing and social scoring, to how social media has impacted certain industries.

In closing, I hope you have enjoyed some of these posts. Now it’s your turn! Have you found any of these posts to be particularly helpful? If so, what are some of your favorites? If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine 🙂


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