Evolve or Die: The Future of Online Communication with Kyle Lacy

On November 20th, the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association will have the privilege of hosting author and Principal of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget, Kyle Lacy, who will be speaking on the topic of the “Changing World of Communication” to shed some light on the impact that such changes are having on the world around us. Below is a slideshare presentation from Kyle regarding the future of online communication for the financial services industry, which I found interesting since it has direct relevance for me as an individual working in the commercial real estate industry:

So why is all of this important? Because the digital media revolution has totally transformed the way brands acquire, grow, and retain customers. To effectively engage and serve today’s hyper-connected consumers, smart marketers are replacing the one-size-fits-all marketing communication strategies of the past with well-integrated one-to-one customer engagement strategies that include the tools in the world of social media from Twitter to Facebook.

On the Importance of Monitoring Change

While at University of Nevada, Reno, I actually took a course from the late Don Winne called “The Changing Environments of Business.” While many MBA students felt this “soft skills” class might not have been as important as the “hard skills” courses that were taught such as finance and accounting, for many it may have ironically been the most important.

The course aimed to teach students that monitoring the various environments of business (legal, ethical, cultural, political) was key to understanding the business landscape and should serve as a basis for making sound business decisions. Throughout the class, Winne shared examples from his colorful career—which spanned everything from FBI agent and ghost writer for J. Edgar Hoover, to Deputy Attorney General and Dean of the UNR College of Business—and how keeping on top of the changing environments of business throughout his lifetime had given him the upper hand in many situations.

In no industry is understanding the shift taking place in the communication world more relevant than in business, specifically marketing. Whether it be a small business owner looking to discover and engage customers that fit a specific profile, or a corporation attempting to integrate social media across the company as a tool for customer service, understanding the landscape from the “big picture” is an essential prerequisite for moving forward.

About Kyle Lacy

As Principal of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget, Kyle leads an effort to build and distribute an ongoing research series that sets aside theories and assumptions about consumer online preferences and focuses instead on solid data collected through a combination of focus groups, experiential research and online surveys.

He is the author of three books, Twitter Marketing for Dummies (2009), Branding Yourself (2010), and Social CRM for Dummies (2012). Prior to joining ExactTarget, Kyle co-founded a marketing technology company, helping over 350 clients build and deliver digital marketing experiences. You can follow him on Twitter at @kyleplacy or visit Kyle’s blog at KyleLacy.com.

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