Marketing Fusion

A guest post by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for

Where does social media best fit into the overall marketing strategy for a company? By definition holistic marketing examines businesses as a whole; it includes the whole package which means there is certainly plenty of room for social media. But how can it be utilized and integrated to complement your existing approach to marketing? To fit social media in effectively, consider these three factors for achieving marketing fusion.

  1. Don’t split your marketing umbrellas. Most businesses have a strategy team for each division of marketing they do. This means there is a team for search engine optimization (SEO) marketing, a team for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing and a team for social media marketing. Each of these teams works independently with their own budgets to create ideas for a bigger return on investment. This means more than one team can come up with a similar concept. It means if the budget is low, one team might have to get cut. What if holistic measures were taken to improve this flow? If everyone worked under the same umbrella, there’s no fighting for control over the budget, no redundancy or mistakes. It also saves time and money. Rather than doing everything individually then later as a team to collaborate and finalize, everything is done as a team from the beginning and wasteful steps can be skipped.
  2. Rely on marketing combinations. Rather than having your marketing pieces work against each other, take advantage of their likenesses. Use your successful social media strategies to increase your search engine optimization rather than paying for extra host sites. Combine your social media strategies. Know that Twitter and Facebook, for example, have different target audiences. Use tools provided by Google and other companies to streamline how you reach out to potential clients using those social media networks. Don’t choose between SEO and PPC marketing. Instead, use both. And use them in unison for even better results. Balance the two and watch for trends. Start out with PPC to get quick attention to your website. This will automatically lead to a building SEO marketing plan as well. If you start to see your PPC numbers fall, increasing your SEO will normally help the situation. The same applies alternately as well. The holistic marketing approach will guide you towards making the combinations that make the most sense for your business.
  3. Don’t just focus on the concept of holistic marketing, use holistic data reporting too. It may seem obvious if you’ve already incorporated holistic marketing into your business plan, but many businesses have marketed the company as a whole and still aren’t analyzing their past decisions that way. Using holistic data reporting is a very logical step. You will get a clearer picture of how social media marketing is fitting in with the other marketing pieces. The big picture will show the new marketing fusion you’ve created and help point out your successes and failures for future tweaking.

Some theories of holistic marketing show that social media simply does not belong. Social media is normally focused on the quick attention grabbing aspects of marketing rather than the in depth thought provoking parts that normally come along with a more holistic approach. Don’t stray away too quickly though. Many businesses are quickly finding that social media networking is paving a path toward a new level of marketing that needs to be incorporated with all other marketing plans, holistic marketing included.

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for She specializes on the topic of marketingAdd your business to Chamber’s online business directory to help your business to be found online.

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