It’s a Wonderful Life

awmjamesstewartjmaGuest post by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for

Have you ever wondered how your business would run without thinking about it holistically? It would be like Bedford Falls without George Bailey. Maintaining a holistic perspective is a requirement for being able to clearly see the way all the pieces of your business best fit together. It’s what keeps the operations running smoothly and provides a common baseline for making decisions about how the business should run. It’s hard to deny the importance of such an approach to business, but in order to better understand the concept of “holistic marketing,” let’s spell things out in terms of the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

  • Holistic marketing leads to a consistent brand image. Without understanding the larger picture that informs how marketing should operate, your business’ marketing strategy may seem chaotic. Your team would be working against each other rather than with each other. Stress levels would be high. Your SEO team would come up with a new idea and after spending hours of valuable time, they’d present it in your weekly meeting only to find out your PPC team has been developing the same idea. Since there is no big picture business approach to marketing, time and money is being wasted and everyone is fending for themselves.
  • Insight derived from “holistic awareness” results in competitive advantage. Picture being exactly like every one of your competitors. Is it a pretty image? That’s what your business looks like without holistic marketing. You do things differently because you take the time to care and you have the passion and drive to want to understand the better ways of reaching out for business. You stand out from others because you have an edge.  Just take Patagonia’s Commitment to Sustainably as an example of holistic marketing and you will see how they have taken their business to the next level.
  • Your business runs logically. There simply are not any words to describe the insanity that takes place behind the scenes in many businesses. Business owners often need additional help to ensure things are done right and hire a business consultant.  These plans then trickle down to the marketing department to ensure your marketing plan is rolled out in steps, in order. It is not rushed. You team has collaborated on when to launch the new campaign based on several other aspects of your business plans. The team has created the campaign with the business as the priority.

George Bailey had the help of an angel to show him all the wonderful ways he helped his family and friends, at a time when he was prepared to take his own life. He took his benefits for granted. But the angel led him to realize just how wonderful his life was. Don’t let your marketing decisions have a negative effect on your business and wait for an angel to show you the correct way.  You can view the function of marketing in a variety of different ways, but you may never find an approach like holistic marketing to benefit your company. Don’t take your decisions for granted. Your business is happy and healthy because of the research and choices you’ve made. Just remember, it’s a holistically wonderful business.

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for She specializes on the topic of marketingAdd your business to Chamber’s online business directory to help your business to be found online.

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