Right Brain vs. Left Brain Marketing

LeftBrainRightBrainGuest post by Megan Totka, Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com

Have you ever thought about why you market the way you market? Why does marketing come easy for you when it’s not a concept others can even imagine? Why do your advertisements include colors and pictures and made up scenarios when others are clean, crisp with lots of facts? It’s more than just a difference in marketing style. It’s more than just a personality or preference. And it’s more than personalized marketing to customers. These marketing differences are linked to using left brain thinking versus right brain thinking.

If you’ve never thought about the brain as two very different halves, here’s an overview. Left brain thinkers tend to be more logical. They base decisions on facts and the truth. Left brain thinkers are more likely to be realists. Many excel in math and science and enjoy nonfiction reading pieces, documentaries and biographies. They keep everything they do according to plan and are organized.

Right brain thinkers are nearly exact opposites. They think outside of the box. They draw on their emotions to make decisions. They are more imaginative and creative. They daydream and can be absentminded at times. They love a good fiction book and imagine themselves taking on the roles of the characters they read about. They choose art of scholastics and give amazing details with storytelling or writing.

It’s not to say that one individual won’t have aspects of both right and left brain thinkers but each person typically relates better to one or the other. Where do you fit in? Can you see this in your business or marketing? Fun fact: Holistic practices come from right brain thinking.

Let’s look at some marketing examples and how left and right brain practices may differ. For a television ad, a left brain marketer will base the ad on the product itself with a narrator, likely a man with a distinctive voice, stating facts and statistics about the product and company. A right brain marketer will create a commercial that looks like a mini movie. It will include a plot, characters and speak of customers feelings towards the product and reviews on the company.

For print marketing, left brain thinkers will show the product, use a bold font with solid, neutral colors. Typically the ad will have a white background. Left brain marketers like to include a website or QR code that takes customers to more information, facts of course, regarding the product. Not only does this give the ad a crisp, modern look with minimal clutter but it gives marketers a chance to track how many customers the ad is reaching by how many visitors they get to the website. A right brain created advertisement will be artsy, creative and bright. It will use vivid scenes and backgrounds with popping colors. The ad will show people using the product.

Both marketing styles are effective and lead to a great ROI if done correctly. One is not necessarily better than the other. Right brain marketing specialists have that holistic ideal instilled in them already though. The benefits of marketing this way are plenty. The customer is able to see a large picture painted in front of them whether still (i.e. a billboard) or moving (i.e. television). Facts are important but the facts won’t always sell the product. This marketing style gives marketers the chance to create based on the joy of the art rather than the exact numbers that will result from the act.

Overall, it’s important to understand how you market and which style you are creating. Your main goal is to get more customers and facilitate their purchase journey. Ideally, your whole marketing plan will include both styles of advertisements. You can stick with your right brain or holistic approach for running the business and marketing department but you’ll still want a few left brain ads out there to reach your left brain customers. Balance is the key in reaching your targets and making the most out of your marketing.

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for ChamberofCommerce.com.  Find local businesses in the most comprehensive online business directory.

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