A Roundup of 2014 Marketing Predictions

2014_Straight_AheadWith 2014 right around the corner, what predictions do you have for how the marketing industry will fare in the coming year? Over the past few weeks, it’s been fun to read through the various articles I’ve come across from a variety of resources and professionals. Of course, with so many opinions out there it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to look when attempting to form an idea of what marketing will actually look like in 2014.  So for the sake of simplicity, below are some of the favorite articles I’ve come across that I think you should read and why with regard to 2014 marketing trends and predictions:

  1. 2014 Marketing Predictions with a Twist” by Steve Olenski via Forbes
    This article was engaging and intriguing, as it captured my interest from start to finish.
  2. What’s in store for marketing in 2014? 20 influencers share their views” from Responsys
    I thoroughly enjoyed the advice from the various experts in this piece. I really felt that these predictions were spot on and that Responsys did a great job with researching and compiling these predictions.
  3. Big ideas. Six extraordinary marketing trends for 2014” by Mark Schaefer
    I like the thought that Mark put into this post, and hearing more about the ideas behind his predictions.
  4. 2014 Digital Trends And Predictions From Marketing Thought Leaders” by Ekaterina Walter
    A well-balanced and well-thought out set of responses from various experts featuring some excellent insights.
  5. 2014 Will Be The Year Of The ___: Marketing Leaders Fill In The Blank” from CMO.com
    Intriguing and engaging, I liked the approach that was taken with this piece and enjoyed reading through the set of responses. The catchy headers pulled me in and kept me reading.
  6. Brand and Marketing Trends for 2014” by Robert Passikoff, Forbes contributor
    Succinct and straightforward, this article provides a strong set of tips in one page without having to click through multiple screens or download a report.
  7. Five Tips for Marketers in 2014” (and follow up post “Hot Marketing Tips from the Experts“) by Kimberly Whitler via Forbes
    Straightforward advice from a handful of experts. I always enjoy reading what Kimberly writes.
  8. 2014: The Future of Content Marketing and Media” by Heidi Cohen
    I liked the way Heidi organized her thoughts and supported her main points.
  9. 13 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014 from the Experts” by Elaine Cameron of Burson-Marsteller
    This article provided a nice infographic to accompany the predictions.
  10. Prediction: Top 11 #Marketing Trends For 2014” via CMO.com
    I enjoyed the layout of this story, and felt that some of the predictions were more introspective and non-traditional.

In reading through the above articles, on the whole I think that you will find that most everyone is remarkably aligned about where marketing is headed in 2014: cater to the customer and embrace change and complexity in an increasingly complex world. Also, generally: optimize mobile, embrace online video, integrate on-line and off-line experiences, be more accountable to data, create a seamless brand experience for the customer, and create/compile a holistic picture of the customer’s journey. While there are many other ways you could try to summarize or synthesize the general thoughts in the above-referenced articles, at least these were my immediate takeaways. What were yours?

What other trends and predictions would you add to this list? Also, which of the above articles did you already read or enjoy the most?

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