Supercharge Your Marketing: Reno-Tahoe Professionals Dish Out Tips for Success

A guest post by Patrick Smith, University of Nevada, Reno

Attending workshops is fun.  Great networking.  Useful knowledge.  The problem with workshops is many times you leave feeling like you got a bunch of puzzle pieces but no clear picture.  But sometimes, you attend a workshop that just seems to fit. This year’s Reno AMA MarŸketing workshop, featuring presentations from Colin Loretz and Dave Polivy, did exactly that.

Colin Loretz (@colinloretz) presented “The Power of Web Analytics” while Dave Polivy(@TahoeMtnSports) presented “Content Marketing for Small Businesses.”  Seemingly different presentations ended up being Colin presenting the theory and Dave presenting the proof in execution.

Colin Loretz

The Power of Web Analytics

Colin, founder of web analytics startup Cloudsnap and local coworking space Reno Collective, brought a mix of theory, sobering sense, basic knowledge, and tools for all skill levels.  As Colin presented, he reminded the audience that using web analytics is an iterative process.  Tools like Google Analytics are best used to generate feedback about specific attempts at goals.  This feedback should be implemented and reassessed over and over. Or as Colin put it, “measure, learn, rinse, and repeat.” Colin went on to emphasize that Google is now penalizing content creators for attempting to maximize SEO.  His guidance on the topic was simple: “SEO is dead, create amazingly useful content for your end users.”

A link to his full presentation is below:

He suggested any of the following alternatives to the standard Google Analytics:

For Inbound Marketing

For the more advanced user

Colin wrapped up with the reminder, “Any metric that you can’t pay yourself with is a vanity metric.”

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Fitting perfectly with Colin’s “create amazingly useful content” directive, Dave Polivy, owner of Tahoe Mountain Sports, discussed how, through creating useful content, they have become the number two channel on YouTube for specialty outdoor retail while competing with goliaths such as Sierra Trading Post. In Dave’s presentation he reinforced Colin’s statement about content creation and explained why: “Content educates people so they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.  Trust drives business and content creates trust.”

Reno AMA Workshop

Dave’s content 101 goes something like this:

  1. Create an “About us” video. Every business has a story.  Tell it to the camera so YouTube can tell it to your customers over and over again.
  2. Track what questions are being asked regularly and make videos answering those questions. This is the video version of a FAQ.  Your customers would rather watch and listen then read anyways.
  3. Pull back the curtain and show behind the scenes sometimes. Your customers like to see that you are human.  Showing them that mishaps are part of your process too is both entertaining and builds that trust through common experience.
  4. Have fun! Just like a smile can be heard over the phone, your customers will feel good when they see you enjoying yourself.  This is easy positive brand association.
  5. Team up. Creating great content in partnership with brands, ambassadors, and content aggregators multiplies your reach and develops long-term value for both you and your partners.
  6. Focus on creating content that is valuable long-term. The more your customers can utilize the content you create, the more return you will get on that effort.

A link to Dave’s full presentation is below:

And again, reinforcing Colin, “rinse and repeat.”  Dave reminded all of us, just like using analytics; content marketing is an iterative process that requires regular goal setting, measuring, learning, and reapplication of those lessons learned.  From the man who was content marketing since before it was ‘content marketing’ we all must keep in mind that the process takes a solid year at least to start seeing serious returns.  So get out there, plan your attack, feed the beast, measure and learn, then … rinse and repeat!

About Patrick Smith:  PSmithPatrick Smith is a marketing major at the University of Nevada, Reno, graduating in May of 2015. Between homework and training, he blogs about his hometown, Reno, and his favorite sports, paintball and triathlon, at Connect with him through Email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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