How Targeted Content & Media Mix Optimization Combine to Create Effective Customer Engagement

Last month, the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association held its 3rd Annual Marketing Workshop. Having been involved in the planning and execution of this event now for three years running, I can honestly say this is one of my favorite local marketing events because of the variety and caliber of speakers from within the local marketing community. (And of course the feedback from participants is always ranked highly too!)

Below follows an overview of this year’s speakers and topics:

OverviewEach year I always walk away learning something new, and this year was no exception. Of the seven presentations given, here are highlights from two of the talks as they relate to effectively engaging consumers along the buyer’s journey.

LornaTalk #1: Lorna Shepard, Noble Studios: “Defining and Leveraging the Buyer’s Journey: Your Best Bet for Customer Conversion”

  • The customer engagement experience contains a spectrum of stages, whereby content can be effectively utilized to match the stage of the buyer. The below graphic outlines the various ways that marketers can work to connect with consumers along this continuum.

Customer Journey

  • Simply put, the buyer’s journey can be broken down into four stages: awareness, engagement, conversion, and fan. Understanding each stage of the journey can help marketers to better target their audience, and mapping content to each stage gives purposeful structure to a content marketing plan.

Buyers Journey

  • Did you know that Google has already analyzed millions of consumer interactions through Google Analytics and distilled how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions? Think with Google’s site, “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase,” contains research by industry that you can use to better target your customer. Use this website to understand how consumers interact differently across various industries.

(The link to the full presentation is here.)

Talk #2: Wendy Hummer, EXL Media: “Today’s Media Planning and Buying Landscape”

  • Today’s media is evolving, fast-paced, fragmented, trendy, complicated, and empowering. How do you optimize your media mix in a sea of endless options?

Media Plan

  • While the Internet is the fastest growing media segment, and the growth of digital media usage is outpacing traditional media, in most cases traditional media still has higher usage and recall than the Internet. As such, marketers should strategically incorporate a strong media mix to incorporate depth of the Internet with breadth of tradition media.

Media Cute

  • When putting together a strategic media plan, one must consider who their target market is, where they live and work, how they interact with media, what the best way to reach them is, and with what type of message.
  • Consider this definition of media to guide your efforts: “Media is the channel in which you deliver your message to the right audience at the right time to influence a purchase or response at the lowest cost per thousand reach.

(The link to the full presentation is here.)

To summarize, today’s path to purchase has become much more complex, and it is essential to not only take the time to understand where your buyers are coming from, but how to locate them, and engage them along the way. This is why having a targeted content strategy, optimized across multiple media channels, is your best bet for gaining awareness and trust with both existing and potential customers.

WOrkshopTo view all of the presentations from this year’s event, please visit the Reno-Tahoe AMA SlideShare page.

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