Reno-Tahoe AMA’s 2015 Ace Awards Call for Nominations

In 2012 the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association re-branded its annual Ace Awards event, which recognizes excellence in local marketing, by turning the awards nomination process on its head, moving from a pay-to-play format to a crowd-sourced effort from within the community.

By shifting this piece, the idea was to expand the universe of potential submissions so that all local agencies, businesses, and organizations could be included. Furthermore, the change was also representative of a larger, more fundamental shift happening within the marketing industry: the idea that “we’re all marketers now.”

Ace Awards 3

This idea can be best summarized in the McKinsey article “We’re All Marketers Now,” which focuses on the premise that today’s customer needs to be effectively engaged in order for an organization to be effective at marketing, and that this engagement is not just the marketer’s responsibility, but everyone’s within the company.

What makes the Ace Awards crowd-sourcing nomination process so exciting, is that through this process of crowd-sourcing, the Reno-Tahoe AMA has been able to collect a strong sampling of all the wonderful work being done that might not otherwise be seen. The process also speaks to a trend unfolding in the economy that is marked by collaboration and co-creation, which Jeremiah Owyang recently talked about at an AMA meeting held at Google. And more importantly, through this process, we can collectively uncover and learn more about what’s working in an ever-changing and dynamic landscape by focusing on results.

Ace Awards 2015 Nomination Process

Now in its fourth year, the local AMA chapter is seeing great traction with the awards nomination process. The 2015 Ace Awards categories include:

  • Best Brand/Re-Brand
  • Best in Cause-Related Marketing
  • Best in Direct Marketing
  • Best Event Promotion
  • Best Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Best in Mobile
  • Best Non-Local Promotion
  • Best in Print
  • Best in Public Relations
  • Best in Social Media
  • Best Video/Film/Commercial
  • Best in Web and Digital

Full information about the Ace Awards to submit a nomination, click here.

Historical Reno-Tahoe AMA Ace Awards Nominees & Winners

For a recap of past award winners and to learn more about the objectives behind each of the nominated efforts, please check out the links below.

The above links include all of the summarized information about each of the previous year’s nominees and winners. I highly encourage you to take the time to skim through each of them and learn more about these great examples of Reno/Tahoe marketing. Please feel free to share any thoughts below!

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