“How to Simplify Your Marketing and Maximize Results” with Mary Cravets

Recently, San Luis Obispo, CA-based business coach Mary Cravets gave a wonderful presentation to the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association entitled “Simplify Your Marketing: How to Create More Leads and Income By Doing Less.”


In an age of increasingly complex marketing programs and strategies, it was refreshing to hear Mary’s no-nonsense advice for how to simplify your marketing in order to create better results for your business, as her presentation focused on not only paying attention to the importance of seeking balance, but on identifying the money-generating activities and then adjusting accordingly. Specifically, she referred to these top seven mistakes that marketers tend to make:

  1. Overworking
  2. Trying everything
  3. Sending the message “I work with everyone”
  4. “I’ll do it myself”
  5. Chasing after what everyone else is doing
  6. Buying the myth of overnight success
  7. Settling for small successes

With a strong background that includes over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, Mary drove home these key points made in her presentation with a solid understanding of their relevance and provided tips for what to do instead. For example, rather than trying everything (aka “bright shiny object syndrome”), create a written strategy with specific goals for staying focused on objectives. As simple as it sounds, even seasoned professionals sometimes forget to do this, or put it off for too long.


Rather than settling for small successes, Mary suggested going after the big opportunities for “the smaller things often take as much time as the big.” She also recommends creating processes that can be clearly and easily repeated by others rather than trying to do it all yourself and becoming burned out and spread too thin.

For more insights, a copy of Mary’s full presentation is below:

Mary is a frequent speaker and has recently given talks to such other organizations as the National Association of Women Business Owners, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, and the Arizona Small Business Association. Hearing her presentation in person was a refreshing reminder about the importance of being focused, and how being focused can help one to simplify their approach to marketing, and ultimately create better results.


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