Leadership in the Social Age with Mark Babbitt

Recently I had the pleasure of hearing from Mark Babbitt on the topic of brand building, relevancy, and social leadership at a talk given to the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association.

Babbitt is a progressive business leader engaged in the social realm who not only co-authored the book “A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive,” but serves as CEO and Founder of YouTern, a social community for college students, recent graduates, and young professionals. A prolific blogger and speaker, Babbitt is also President of Switch and Shift and a co-founder of ForwardHeroes.org. His specific focus is to help business leaders switch their approach from an “Industrial Age” to a “Social Age” mindset in order to stay relevant, competitive, and up-to-date.

Below are a few of the featured tweets that were shared during Mark’s recent talk :


In his talk, Babbitt specifically referred to blue unicorns: those hard-to-find people in organizations who are active listeners, mindful and present, relentless givers, and focused on the idea that relationships matter. Blue unicorns are those who foster a collaborative, social environment that is conducive to progressive business in the Social Age. Mark provides a brief overview of this concept in this short video below, courtesy of the American Management Association:

Overall, the key takeaways for me from Mark’s talk were to first and foremost, be good at what do you, engage your employees along the way, align your customers needs and wants with your product/service, then bring awareness to your cause and manage interactions along the customer journey through a combination of social media and content. Focus on building relationships, but also focus on ROI. Always keep in mind: what is your end goal and how will you achieve results?

You can keep up with Mark by subscribing to his blog at Switch & Shift, following him on Twitter, or checking out his latest book here.

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