Effective Out-Of-Home Advertising in the “People’s Space” featuring Rick Robinson

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Rick Robinson, partner and COO at Billups, who traveled to Reno to speak to the American Marketing Association. During his talk, he explained what constitutes effective out-of-home (OOH) advertising, expanding on the concepts alluded to in this video below:

Through a mix of sharing energizing stories and illuminating examples, Robinson drove home the key point that effective OOH advertising essentially boils down to the concept of right message, right place, and right time. In other words, it’s about proper communication: understanding the target audience, where to find them, and how to speak to them.

Because the examples he shared were SOOOOOO good, I want to re-share a few of those here. In his talk, Robinson explained how effective OOH advertising spans the literal, aesthetic, intriguing, humorous, site specific, engaging, and/or experiential realms. Of the many examples that Robinson shared of effective OOH advertising, below follow a few of my favorites.

ESPN’s “Invisible Players” Campaign (Experiential Example)

Synopsis: Advertisements placed in bus stations equipped with voice recognition technology encouraged riders to interact with a creative campaign for ESPN to build awareness for ESPN W.


Hong Kong’s Anti-Litter Campaign (Site Specific Example)

Synopsis: For Hong Kong’s “Face Of Litter” campaign, a company based in Virginia that has developed a method to construct digital portraits from small traces of DNA was utilized to drive awareness about Hong Kong’s litter problem.

Lean Cuisine’s”Weigh This” Campaign (Experiential Example)

Synopsis: Rather than focusing on dieting and weight loss, Lean Cuisine launched a campaign to focus on women’s strengths and accomplishments through an engaging display at New York’s Grand Central Station.

Jaguar’s “Actual Reality” Prank (Experiential Example)

Synopsis: Sometimes actual reality is just better than virtual reality. Learn how Jaguar  invited people to experience the only virtual reality simulation worthy of the F-TYPE

As you can see, OOH advertising includes so much more than just billboards and posters. In fact, OOH advertising is actually defined as any “media that reaches consumers while outside of their homes.” This definition makes the possibilities for reaching people within the pubic space, in both engaging and effective ways, nearly limitless. And when OOH is viewed as a form of public art, which is how Robinson (a fine artist himself) thinks of OOH in the People’s Space, not only is anything possible but it becomes one’s civic duty to take things one step further, from good … to great!

About Rick Robinson:

Rick has lectured at Universities and advertising clubs all over the U.S., including several stops in Latin America. He has also been featured on everything from The History Channel, CNN, USA Today, Ad Age and Adweek to Juxtapose, Flavorpill, Coagula Art Journal, Art Voices, Fabrik, and PBS Television. Rick’s industry achievements include helping launch the now renowned Tall Walls on The Sunset Strip, serving as a two time OBIE Judge, Founding Chairman of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America Creative Committee, Creative Director for the award winning “Big Boy” Power 106 Radio campaign, authoring the OAAA-published book “The People’s Space”, and as Co-Chair for the 2013 OAAA Convention in Los Angeles.

He’s also recognized as a creative thinker, public speaker, fine artist, and author. You can connect with Rick on LinkedIn.

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