Personal Branding 101 with Reno’s Kylie Rowe

Want to be findable and relevant in a world filled with noise and distraction? Want to learn how to best position yourself in the digital ecosystem to leverage communication and engagement with existing and potential customers? Would you like build a trusted following of people who think of you first whenever it comes to a particular cause or subject matter, or a hyper-targeted audience of those who share similar interests?

Too many people think of “personal branding” as nothing more than self promotion, but in my estimation that’s a complete misunderstanding of the topic. If you’re someone who believes that you don’t need or shouldn’t have to think about personal branding—or the way you show up to the digital space—then this video is for you:

According to Kylie Rowe, a local Reno professional who recently gave a presentation on personal branding at a Nevada Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology event, your personal brand exists whether you like it or not. Personal branding is about taking ownership of your actions online, choosing to play an active role in your own process of unfolding, and deciding to leverage the web to build your networks in a way that supports the goals you want to achieve. It also is consistent with your life offline.

In her presentation, Kylie shared seven steps for developing your personal brand. These steps apply to people who have never thought about a personal brand just as much as they do for someone who has been thinking about it for a long time.


Kylie’s Seven Steps for Building a Personal Brand

  1. Understand who you are
  2. Write a brand bio
  3. Create and update profiles
  4. Know your network
  5. Identify a strategy
  6. Practice the laws of social media
  7. Start over from the beginning

The biggest takeaway for me, and the hardest part of this process in my opinion, is that personal branding is ongoing process. At the core, it requires the continuous investigation of a self-examined life. What do you stand for? What causes do you support, what do you want to learn about, what do you want to be known for? Once you figure that out, the rest is tactical. But with a personal branding strategy in place, your results can be multiplied and reinforced.

Kylie has taken complete ownership of her digital brand and is the first to admit that it’s hard work. Kylie has a personal website and an active presence on social media. As Vice President of Relocation and Corporate Services at Dickson Realty in Reno, she produces videos that are focused on interviewing notable locals, and also maintains a blog covering leaders in the greater Reno business community.

Kylie is also now a contributor to and Getaway Reno-Tahoe. All of her content and online activity ties together with her business goals and passions in a continually reinforcing loop. Kylie is a great example of someone who has leveraged her personal brand to stand out within the Reno community. As such, the Northern Nevada Business Weekly recently featured her work in this article.

I encourage you to check out Kylie’s full presentation below:

In closing, always remember that your personal brand exists whether you like it or not. Personal branding is intentional, and it’s an ongoing process. It’s who you are online and off, and it’s definitely about more than just social media. And remember: if you represent yourself in person and online in the same way, then that gives you credibility, which is the basis for building trust. Trust creates the opportunity to have better relationships, do more business, and have a bigger impact.

For more info about this topic, check out Kylie’s recent article for NCET.

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