Before and Behind Behind the Iron Curtain

“Before and Behind the Iron Curtain” is the first person account of my grandmother’s time spent behind the Iron Curtain in 1961, when she worked as a foreign news correspondent for the Associated Press.

It is a timely story that helps explain what it’s like to live in a country with no access to outside information, and why it’s so important for us to be responsible consumers of information today.  To download the eBook, click on the image below:

Iron Curtain Cover

About Trixie-Ann Schubert:

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Trixie-Ann Schubert was a foreign news correspondent on three continents. She became a pilot in 1944 and has raced in the Powder Puff Derby and all Women International Air Race. She served as a radio and TV news writer for the Milwaukee Journal Radio City, and is author of three books including “A Bell in the Heart” which merited a foreword by Admiral Arleigh Burke, Chief of Naval Operations under the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.

In addition to her time working and traveling as a journalist, she married Dr. Delwyn Schubert, who coordinated the education programs for the Air Force in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Together they had three children who often traveled along with their parents.

Trixie was a risk-taker, knowledge-seeker, and adventurer. She was an active member of the Ninety-Nines, the international association for women pilots. In 1965, she passed away in a plane crash together with Joan Merriam Smith, the first woman to complete the Amelia Earhart flight around the world solo. At the time of her passing, Trixie was working on the book about Joan’s legendary fight.

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