Marketing Inspiration

Recently the American Marketing Association (AMA) put out a couple of videos that absolutely nailed it! I hope you’ll take the time to watch them. Both of these videos serve as a source of inspiration to me.

The first video is aspirational. Moreover it tells the story about why it’s so exciting to be a marketer at this very point in history. The second video takes a larger-scale approach to what the perceived “7 Big Problems” are in marketing.

I’m proud to have served as a past president of the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association chapter, as well as a board member of the AMA for several years. If you’re in marketing, do yourself a favor and get involved with your local chapter of the AMA today!

“Marketing is more than just strategies, pictures, and numbers. It’s about the connections that others don’t see. Marketing is magic.”

Few disciplines have undergone more rapid and radical transformation than marketing. Now more than ever, the field of marketing must come to terms not with what’s possible, but with what’s relevant. Albert Einstein once said: if had 60 minutes to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I’d spend 55 minutes determining the right question to ask.